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Just In Time For Halloween — Devils Tower


Devils Tower National Monument
Hulett, Wyoming — October 2017
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

I’m back.  After a break of many months, I’m posting original content again (the above image is from our recent epic road trip out to Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho).

This is a completely different website (free, not paid or hosted by another service this time), a different template (also free… free is good), a different mindset, a different pace, and starting on WordPress from scratch (no importing of old images and pages like I did with my previous effort).  Please note: I have since had to revert to a paid WordPress subscription due to the onerous full-page takeover ads that were placed between my site and my viewers (GRRRRRR!).

Why did I nuke my old site, Exploratorius.us?  I grew frustrated with the fact that the import of my first site on Blogger was never successful and looked like it was going to require many months or more to correct.  Also, I was quickly running out of my available space on the paid version of WordPress and just decided to kill it and start over.


Starting this one up from scratch will take some time for me to flesh out the pages and details.  Just be patient.

It does feel good to be posting again.

4 thoughts on “Just In Time For Halloween — Devils Tower

  1. Cindy

    The ending of Exploratorius was like a big, magnificent tree toppled over and went “thud” in the forest. I look forward to seeing your new batch of stunning photos and interesting thoughts! I would feel the same even if I didn’t have reason to be somewhat biased 😁

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