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Switching Gears


Spring tulips
Central Maryland — March 1989
Watercolor on paper — 4″ x 6″

I’ve been doing a lot of creative soul-searching lately, and decided a few weeks ago to get back to my artistic roots by actually crafting images with my hands — specifically watercolor paintings, pencil sketching, ink drawings, etc.  Watercolor in particular is a profound draw for me because it’s so challenging and the results can be so satisfying.  I last did serious watercolors some 25-years ago (the painting above was done nearly 30-years ago as an en plein air sketch), so I’m a bit rusty at present.

I’m not giving up photography altogether, but have decided to ease back on taking photographs.  I’ll continue to post images, but now it’ll be more of a mixed media offering — photos, drawings, watercolor paintings, etc.

3 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. communicatingcreatively

    Mitch, I can see what you mean now by ‘our thoughts being aligned.’ I relate so much to your comments above as I too have pulled back on photography and am doing more sketches, Watercolour, Oils and writing poetry. Looking forward to more of your Art. 🙂


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