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Big Big Room


The nave at Washington Cathedral
Washington, DC — November 2004
Canon 20D + 16-35/2.8L

If you’re a sucker for cathedrals — like I am — you may want to check out Washington Cathedral in Northwest DC.  It’s the biggest I’ve seen in the US and well worth the visit.

8 thoughts on “Big Big Room

      1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

        This one is young by European standards; the cornerstone was laid in 1907, and it was declared finished in 1990. Those in Europe can be much much older, and have taken a lot longer to build.

        But that’s okay; this one is ours — and it’s a beauty!


      2. Forestwood

        A modern cathedral. I am more impressed. Funnily enough, we also have one here, that was just recently completed too. I have to admit that it is fairly stark inside compared to the more historic cathedrals yet still have a nice atmosphere.

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