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The King Of Speed


The SR-71A Blackbird
Chantilly, Virginia — November 2004
Canon 20D + 16-35/2.8L

To anyone that is a fan of technology comes this beauty — the Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird — the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft on the planet (at 35 miles per minute) for over three decades.  There are lots of great stories about the SR-71 by former pilots, and three of the best can be found here (speed check), here (107 feet of fire breathing titanium), and here (outrunning enemy missiles), with some good details available over at Wikipedia here.

If the Space Shuttle in the background doesn’t look right (it’s missing the engine pods on both sides of the vertical stabilizer), that’s because it’s the Enterprise (OV-101)  — which was a test bed for atmospheric flights and as such was built without engines.  It was replaced by the Space Shuttle Discovery (OV-103) in April 2012.

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