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Central Maryland — May 2018
Watercolor on 4″x6″ paper

I’m still getting back into the watercolor painting groove, but was pleased with this quick sketch of spring crocuses from earlier in the week.

I should note is that this is 30-year-old paper — more specifically — hand-made Indian village watercolor paper, which was fashioned into postcards (you can see the stamped lines embossed from the back side) and sold by Daniel Smith back in the day.  It’s about 300 lb weight, 100% cotton rag, with little-to-no sizing that I can determine.  This paper is like painting on a hard sponge board — the watercolor just gets sucked into surface fibers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when sending it through the maw of the US Post Office.

Is it great paper?  Hardly.  It’s good for sketches and getting warmed up, but not for finely crafted images to be displayed in an exhibit — it’s just too crude and rough.  Considering that this paper has been stored away from sunlight for the past 30-years, I’m surprised by the yellowing of the edges, as none of my other 100% cotton rag papers of the same vintage show signs of aging.  It makes me wonder just how this paper is produced.  Reading more about them, I discovered that they are “comprised of actual cotton rags that are either remnants from the garment industry or medical supply sectors”.

Hmmmm.  Medical supply sectors.  That gives me pause.

Central Maryland — May 2018
Watercolor on 4″x6″ paper

At any rate, I have a small supply of these postcards that I’ll use up as practice sheets in the coming weeks.  Oh, and this painting?  Cindy claimed it, to stick on her office wall with some of my other creative work from over the years.

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