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Feed Me… In Watercolor


Williams Feed (from one of my photos)
Dillon, Montana — May 2018
Watercolor on 4″x 6″ paper

Cindy saw me painting this image last Saturday and laid claim to it, so I — gentleman that I am — gave it to her on Sunday morning, as yet another watercolor love letter.  And the source?  Both are side-by-side below.

The cool thing about painting from photos, is that you can paint the same thing repeatedly as frequently as you wish.  Since I really like this photo, I’ll continue revisiting it time-and-again in the future.  Also, I just winged this watercolor; I didn’t lay down a pencil or pen-and-ink drawing first, nor did I measure anything — I just eyeballed the original and dashed off the painting in 30-minutes or less.

Oh, and just because I have the original photo doesn’t mean that the resulting painting has to be photo-realistically exact… you can paint a vague approximation, or a detailed enlargement of a certain section, or even eliminate major details altogether.

Painting frees you to create an image however you want it to be.

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