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Atelier Aquarell & Fotografie

Sunshine Blogger Award


Tiger lily
Central Maryland — June 2017
DxO ONE + 32mm/1.8 ASPH

What’s in a name?  What’s in the name of an award?

In this case, the Sunshine Blogger Award is simply an offering of friendship and goodwill — as it is given by a committee of one person; there is no trophy to be put on the mantle; no plaque to hang on the wall… just the warm knowledge that you made a positive difference to another human being during the course of their day.  And I’ll accept those types of awards any day of the week, especially if it’s because I created something that someone else enjoyed.

I’d like to thank Myrtle Glo for the thoughtful gesture, as I’m currently going through a low period myself — cancer, surgery, and radiation therapy will do that to you.  However, I’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude and my warped sense of humor, and to share all of that with others via the posts that I create here.

Normally these “awards” or “nominations” have a series of rules to go by, a bunch of questions to answer, and a list of new people to pass the award onto.  However, I went through a bunch of these awards with my old blog and found that no one that I nominated would participate in them.  So — to prevent anyone from being uncomfortable by being put on the spot — I’m going to alter the rules and just answer the questions that were put to me this time by Myrtle Glo:

  • What is your favorite food, and why?
    • Mmmmm, I love Thai food, especially the real deal and not the “fusion” or “Americanized” variants that are so prevalent these days.  Why?  So many wonderful flavors, colors, and aromas.  Yum!
  • What is your favorite book, and why?
    • Ringworld by Larry Niven.  Why?  Because it’s such an immersive tale in hard science fiction, and it was my lifeline out of a miserable period in my life — middle school, in a place where I was hated and bullied because I was an outsider.
  • What is your ultimate career goal?
    • Ha!  My current career (the second of two) is winding down, so I’d just have to say that my ultimate career goal is to remain employed until I choose to retire.
  • Where is your favorite place to visit?
    • The American West, both the reality and the romanticized myth.  I was born in Idaho and have been trying to get back to that region ever since.
  • If you could visit anywhere else regardless of budget or time, where and why?
    • Hmmmmm, regardless of budget or time?  Probably the rest of the planet.  Seriously.  I’ve already been to 49 of the 50 States (only Alaska remains) and I’ve always wanted to see Bora Bora and the other Pacific Islands, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, parts of Asia, parts of the Middle East, parts of Africa, all of Europe, parts of South and Central America, all of Canada, and — finally — Antarctica.
  • Museum or amusement park?
    • Museum.  Amusement parks and rides no longer pose a draw for me.
  • “The ends never justify the means.” Do you agree with this statement?
    • It depends.  I think the end does justify the means if the route to achieve it was fair and equitable, but not so if it was otherwise.
  • What would be your advice to someone who has had their heart broken?
    • If you’re still in the same relationship with the same person that broke your heart, get out.  Now.  Leave that person and find another whom will love you and cherish you.  I was in a toxic marriage for far too long with a woman that didn’t love me or respect me, so I left — and I have no regrets about having done so, especially after finding my present spouse and discovering the joy that true, unconditional love can be.  We are rapidly approaching the three decade mark together and it’s been worth every moment of it.
  • What do you like most about writing in your blog?
    • It’s uniquely mine.  I post all of my own photographs, all of my own paintings, my own writing, my own viewpoints, and my own humor.  It’s one of the very few things that I have completely created in it’s entirety.
  • What do you like about my blog (and how could it improve)?
    • It’s you.  I wouldn’t change anything about it.
  • What does the Sunshine Blogger Award mean to you?
    • Awww, that’s kind of you.  It makes me happy that I was able to brighten your day!

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