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First In Flight


Wright Brothers National Memorial
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina — January 2007
Canon PowerShot G6 + 30-140mm

Warm And Sunny In The Dead Of Winter


Mid-morning at the beach
Ocracoke Island, North Carolina — January 2014
Leica IIIf + Leica Summicron 50/2.0
Kodak Ektar 100 + Commercial C-41 processing

Winter On The Beach


Cindy on the beach
Ocracoke Island, North Carolina — January 2014
iPhone 5S + 30/2.2

Walking along the beach after the touron season has ended is always so much more satisfying… no crowds, no noise, no distractions, no intrusions, no… anything.  Just empty.

The wind is uninterrupted and blows sheets of fine sand across the surface of the beach.  There is a certain bite to the air, both from the temperature and the light sandblasting.  Ghost crabs scurry ahead of our passage and the occasional bird wheels above us to see if we offer a treat, while the dune grasses sway and bow as the weather fronts storm through.