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The Old Guy Whom Is Now The FNG


Cherry blossoms near the Jefferson Memorial
Washington, DC — March 1989
En plein air
Watercolor on paper — 22″ x 30″

I recently announced here on my site that I was getting back into watercolor painting after a hiatus of nearly 25-years.  When I initially posted that intent, I was just planning on doing my own thing and thought that I would likely share my finished work on an occasional basis.

However, as I’ve reacquainted myself with my tools and paints, and dug more and more into the subject again, I’ve come to realize that the art world as a whole is a completely different beast from when I last played in it so long ago.  So I figured I’d share the joy, the pain, the fun, the frustration, the wonder, and the WTF moments of this old guy… whom is now the FNG (the Effing New Guy, in case you don’t know).

What follows is a little long-winded, so please bear with me.

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Space Fantasy


An airbrush painting I did during winter downtime
Richmond, Virginia — March 1988
Watercolor and airbrush — 11″ x 14″

Again, this was created and scheduled prior to the procedure I had this past Monday.  I expect to be back in the saddle with regular postings again by tomorrow.